Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How To Wear Animal Prints ( Tastefully)

Animal Prints: the trend that never goes out of style. Designers for years have been fascinated by animal prints, whether spotted on the runways or the streets, these prints can be found almost everywhere. However, this style of clothing must be worn with caution. It is fairly easy to come across as cheap or tawdry. Here are some easy ways to make sure you look more classy instead of trashy.

1.  No Prey Animals
Zebra and giraffe prints are hard to work with when it comes to clothing. Go for a safer printed accessory, such as a zebra scarf or a giraffe belt. Don't make the same mistakes as this woman...

2. Dont Mix 2 prints
AVOID MIXING PRINTS AT ALL COSTS. This is the number one rule of animal print fashion. There is a reason you will never a zebra and a cheetah coexisting peacefully in nature.. they don't go together! This applies to outfits, pick one print and stick with it! Also, If you are wearing a smaller version of a print, don't wear anything in that same print but in a larger scale. For example:

3. Opt for Accessories for a bold fashion statement
Wearing a full on animal printed piece can be risky. To ensure a chic look, go for some cute accessories instead like this cheetah print satchel and heels.


4.  Skip colorful animal prints
Unless you're going for a blast from the past, never wear colored animal prints, its tacky and cheap. For instance, these neon pink cheetah print shoes


5. No head to toe prints
We are humans, not animals. Therefore, we should not look like we are attempting to dress up as them. Like unfortunate Gwen Stefani below. Apparently she didn't get this message.


Now that I've covered the basic rules of animal print, here some people who got it right:

Miranda Kerr

Padma Langshi

Kate Moss


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