Sunday, September 16, 2012

Boho Chic

Every one has their own distinct style and taste, and I know that for myself, I tend to lean toward the more preppy and chic polished look. While I have yet to master the art of the effortlessly "boho" look I totally love the way it looks on other people. So how exactly does one know whats boho and whats not? What does boho even mean? Think Nicole Richie and the Olsen twins. My previous post about head scarves wraps right into this blog post. The Bohemian look is very hippy-esque with a modern vintage feel. It's all about capturing the past trends in a modern way.

Example: Buying an old pair of complete mom jeans and making them into an adorable pair of high waisted shorts. Or, going to thrift stores and vintage shops and buying old shoes and pairing them with a fab new outfit.

The whole idea is to look calm and effortless but totally chic. Can you work it? Here are key closet essentials you'll definitely need for this look.

Maxi dresses are a MUST.  This gorgeous white cotton dress with some lace detailing is so easily hip and cool, all you need is some awesome accessories like the MKaltenbach sunset necklace below to complete the look! Click here for more details on the dress and here for more on the necklace!
Sunset Amber necklace
Heres another example of a totally cute maxi dress.  The empire waist, triangle bust cutout and watercolor  tone  all contribute to the boho vibe that's goin' on here. Add a sheer scarf and some awesome silver or gold bangles and you are set! Check this dress out here.

Nicole Richie looking casual and cool in her printed maxi dress.

Make your look appear more sophisticated with a really killer jacket like Nicole's leather one above.

Not all your dresses have to be maxi to be boho! Check out these adorable dresses I found on below!

Need a little more oomf in your dress look? Add a vintage vest! Or a new one like this adorable lace vest I also found on

If vests aren't your thing, throw on a fabulous chic necklace like the ones below! All designed by Megan Kaltenbach, click here for more details.

Another must have: Maxi skirts. The flowy chill vibe is what
boho is all about. From the ombre cream and blue
skirt, to the pleated light blue scalloped
skirt, you get the general idea of skirts
I'm talking about here.

So this was just a very quick rundown on the basis of the Bohemian look. If you have any questions or if you think I should have gone into more detail, email me!

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