Friday, September 7, 2012

2012 VMA Red Carpet Looks

For those of you that missed last nights VMA awards show, heres a quick recap of what everybody looked like ( on the red carpet at least.) I didn't have any distinct best dressed looks, but there are certainly some worst dressed.... Here are some notable mentions. Email me with your comments, agree or disagree statements!

Rihanna shocked many people with her daring new hair style, very Halle Berry-esque. She wore an Adem Selman gown that plunges down that back and gathers at the waist. Some are saying she looks effortless and graceful but paired with the sandals, does anyone else get a beach wedding vibe? Compared to RI RI's other red carpet looks, I thought this one was relatively safe and boring.

Sooo... Is this Pink or Miley Cyrus? The unmistakable resemblance is almost uncanny. Besides the  hair , this low cut sheer and flowing Pucci gown is absolutely fabulous. Everything from the neck down is on point. 

Rapper Wiz Khalifa and Fiance Amber Rose absolutely terrified me. The very pregnant Amber Rose is wearing  tight fitted black lace dress and a very monochromatic makeup look. Can anyone else see a pregnant glow? Because I sure cant. Amber, homegirl, this looks like your attending a funeral or maybe a creepy haunted doll wedding.

Actress Jessica Szohr looked slightly confused at the VMA's this year. While she is the rocking the latest head scarf trend, I think its generally understood that head scarves belong off the red carpet... not on. This look was quite a mess, but paired with the black above the ankle boots... it was worse than a mess. 
British pop singer Rita Ora, took a risk in this custom bejeweled jumpsuit by none other than Emilio Pucci. While its arguable wether she pulled this intricate look off, I have to go with a no. Too much boobage for my eyes. While Pucci is indeed a fashion god, and Rita Ora is a hip beautiful young girl, this red carpet look was not successful.

The always beautiful and classy Emma Watson wore a beaded mini Peter Pilotto mini dress. When I first saw this, I was confused. I wasn't sure If I loved or hated it. After a few minutes of deliberation I decided neither. I liked it, mainly because of the girl who was wearing it. Ms. Watson knows how to work this young, hip dress and I give her major props.

Keshas alive..? Apparently so as of last nights red carpet show. The singer wore  a dress she helped designer with designer Ugo Zaldi. While this black and nude lace dress had a classy element, this dress was a little too short for my taste. A little bit longer and this look would have been fab. Maybe also with a non booty heel....

I usually look forward to T-Swizzles ultra feminine and classy red carpet dresses but this time around I was let down. Dont get me wrong, the songstress is pulling a total Celine Dion here and looks great, I just always hold such high expectations for her.  This pure white J.Mendel suit with tuxedo detailing and cropped trousers shows Swifts more mature side. The gold strappy heels are an amazing touch as well. You go girl.

And last, but possibly least, is my home girl Nicki Minaj. Nicki, I understand your a bad b*tch, but this is just a bad look.  This beaded sheer red and black detail jumpsuit is just plain fugly. I actually cant even think of an event or function that this would be acceptable to wear to. Maybe a burlesque club? Who knows.

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